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Pepe (mushrooms, ham, bacon and goat's cheese) - 6,80€

Benta Berri (goat's cheese, ham, tomato and green pepper) - 6,50€

Danena (foie gras, mushrooms, ham and green pepper) - 7,00€

Ondarreta (smoked salmon, tomato and goat's cheese) - 7,00€

Parrot beak (chicken breast, roquefort cheese, wild mushrooms and green pepper) - 7,50€

Funicular (chicken breast, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mushrooms) - 7,00€

Txuri-urdin (white tuna, mayo, anchovies and chilis) - 7,80€

Aquarium (two hamburgers, bacon and cheese) - 7,80€

Kursaal (alioli sauce, bacon and chicken breast) - 7,00€

Spanish omelette - 5,00€

Pork loin (+0,60€ with bacon, cheese and green pepper) - 5,00€

Chicken breast (+0,60€ with bacon, cheese and green pepper) - 5,00€

Vegetable chicken breast (mayo, lettuce, tomato, chicken breast and cheese) - 7,00€

Mixed Serrano ham and cheese - 5,50€

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Baguettes: Our menu de Bar Cervecería Pepe
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